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Writing about myself in the third person (which seems to be the way to do this) is kinda weird...and I'm not really at ease about asking someone else to do it.....so here goes.  


Fritz is a 50 something singer - songwriter that has been playing and writing since the not so tender age of 13. He co-wrote his first song (River of Shit) with his friend Jim the year James Taylor released his single "Fire and Rain" (yes....I cover it). Realizing that "River of Shit" was a brilliant and insightful look at the meaning of life..........


Wait...I'm being told that Jim and Fritz just thought it was funny to play guitar and sing a song with the word "shit" in it.....whew...I thought for a minute that this Fritz guy was some kinda narcissistic ass!  Not only that...but I have recently been informed that we plagiarized the song from some late 60's band called the "Fugg"*!  What the hell....I like ours better.  I guess you will have to decide for yourself....click "Listen" from the menue and have a listen, then go to my store and BUY IT!


Anyway....even after a long break from his music, Fritz plays a decent guitar (as well as a little banjo, dobro, & mandolin), and sings with a voice that with the help of modern technology, won't cause you to ask for a refund. 




So go ahead...have him do a show. He'll show up with at least 4 instruments and begin playing everything from the Grateful Dead to John Denver (I know...I know)...a regular eclectic stew, with his own songs to spice it up and keep him (and you) from getting bored!

*It was an accident I swear!  I mean if I was going to steal a song, I would have picked a better one!!

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April 2013



Great news....I made the cut and will be a finalist in the 2013 Tuscon Folk Festival Singer\Songwriter Competition...May 2nd, 2013!!

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